The team

Hervé Le Berre

General Manager in charge of business development

Christophe Camperi-Ginestet


After spending over 20 years in the promotion and sale of new technologies, Hervé has been CEO of the company Alterpro Energy and has developed a strong expertise in the study and realization of solar projects in France and Africa. With numerous trips to Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, Hervé has gained a grand experience in the field that he is now willing to dedicate to Sunwaterlife and its customers.

After earning a PhD in Materials Physics in the United States, Christophe returned to France to work in the field of high-tech with an international background. He created various companies in the renewable energy sector, focusing on the European and African markets. Confronted with the problem of  drinking water access in several developing countries, he co-founded Sunwaterlife, trying to find simple and pragmatic technical solutions for this issue.