Purified Water Distributor


Autonomous water purifiers, the KIOSK systems exist in two versions: the KIOSK Container and the KIOSK Fountain.

The KIOSK Container

The AQUALINK KIOSK is a water purification system which functions autonomously using a solar panel. Starting from a contaminated water source, the KIOSK Container can supply large quantities of drinkable water (up to 1200L/hour).

Kiosk Conteneur

The KIOSK Container involves an employee who manages the monitoring and operation of the system. This employee is responsible for cashing the customers’ money and running the system to serve them.


It is also possible to add an option to make the KIOSK autonomous. Each customer has an automated payment card that allows them to produce drinkable water directly from the KIOSK through self-service.


Technical Characteristics

Maximum Flow                     Up to 1200L/hr

Dimensions                          Container 20′

% of bacteria blocked            99.99%

% of viruses blocked              99.99%

Pore size                               0.01 µm

Solar Energy                       Up to 1500 WC

Integrated Pump               12 V/ 220 VAC

General Characteristics

  • Uses 2 ultrafiltration membranes, certified NSF-ANSI, which filter viruses and bacteria
  • Complies with the OMS specifications for drinkable water
  • Zero water waste: the entirety of the treated water is consumable
  • Automatic backwashing of membranes
  • Solar panel provides self-sufficient solar energy