O’Claire : Sunwaterlife’s New Subsidiary


O’Claire, the subsidiary of Sunwaterlife, produces and sells drinking water to populations in developing countries. O’Claire aims to provide access to drinking water in the most vulnerable communities.

O’Claire produces its water using the fixed AQUALINK KIOSK water purification systems created by Sunwaterlife.

The Objective:

The objective is to operate a decentralized network of drinking water production under a visible brand and at competitive prices in territories in West Africa, South America, and South-East Asia.

Quality water available and deliverable to your office or your home. O’claire is:

  1. Economical: you only have to buy the bottle once and afterwards it’s exchanged for free
  2. Ecological: recyclable and reusable, the Sunwaterlife bottle avoids waste
  3. Practical: delivered to you directly and easily exchangeable by our delivery service


O'Claire Donation

O’Claire Donation is the endowment fund of O’Claire. Its purpose is to intervene in very disadvantaged countries or areas and to contribute during natural or human disasters mainly through providing free and secure access to drinking water.

Learn more at oclairedonation.org