O’Claire Donation

Building together projects with a strong social impact

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O’ Claire Donation is the endowment fund of O’ CLAIRE. O’ Claire Donation aims to distribute drinking water of impeccable quality, controlled, free of charge, and with total security to those in need. At O’Claire Donation, we believe that water is a universal right and we plan to help create a future where water is no longer a privilege.

Our purpose is to intervene in very disadvantaged countries or areas and to contribute during natural or human disasters, mainly by providing a free and safe access to drinkable water.

O’Claire Donation implements several projects over the world. To learn more about it or to participate in the development of the access to clean water with a donation, find us on http://oclairedonation.org/?lang=en

O’Claire Donation proposes to assist businesses in their CSR actions, by building together projects which correspond to the values of each company.

The funding received is subject to tax exemption for French donors and companies.