Respond to cases of emergency

Which issues around the world ?

Providing safe drinking water on disaster sites remains an issue for rescue teams. Civil security teams sent urgently to natural disaster sites (tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides) have to deal with shortages of drinking water while performing first aid actions and organizing roundup camps. It is indispensable to provide medium-term solutions that go beyond the punctual delivery of water in tanks.

Daily transportation of drinking water by tankers remains an expensive solution long term. During such disasters, the needs of water are instantaneously felt in multiple areas on a large territory, and collective supply solutions can not cover the entire demand for drinking water.

Sunwaterlife’s added value

In order to quickly overcome this lack of water, Sunwaterlife has designed a sustainable solution that is easily deployed (<5 ‘, 40 kg) and requires very little maintenance. Powered by solar energy, this system can produce up to 800 liters of clean water per day. The Sunwaterlife system can treat and purify surface water, rain, ponds and rivers normally unsuitable for consumption.

This system can also serve as a relay for post-emergency missions, while the existing water systems are rehabilitated.


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