Reduce the risk of epidemics

Which issues around the world ?

Contaminated water is the first vector of disease transmission in the world. Indeed, this water can carry many microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses if not properly purified. Waterborne diseases are behind the high mortality rate of the populations in developing countries (cholera, diarrhea, Hepatitis E). Additionally, infantile diarrhea precipitated by the consumption of contaminated water is the most common cause of death among children.

What are the solutions today ?

The challenge lies in the decontamination of this water and the elimination of all of the pathogens. Collective supply systems (several cubic meters of water) are already equipped with efficient systems of filtering and disinfection…. But these collective systems are less and less adapted to reality on the ground: ubiquitous accessibility and the need for mobility… These water treatment systems are still very expensive and rather impractical to install due to their large size and bulkiness.

Sunwaterlife’s added value

Sunwaterlife offers mobile and autonomous water purification systems, adapted to the harsh conditions of the developing countries and to their economic constraints.

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