Improve living standards in rural areas

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Clean water shortage issues around the world

If cities are equipped with sewage processing stations, remote villages are still deprived of drinking water despite the presence of wells. Women and children are still walking for miles as “water carriers” to get supplies of drinking water. This time spent collecting water is not used for education, agricultural, commercial, or craft activities. Medical studies have even shown that carrying water (heavy loads on the cervical and lumbar) resulted in significant musculoskeletal disorders among women and children.

An increasing lack of water

By 2050, the water demand will increase by 55% due to population explosion (we will reach more than 9 billion inhabitants)

Sunwaterlife’s added value

By providing a mobile and autonomous water purification system, Sunwaterlife frees up time for populations who can finally devote themselves to income-generating activities which will improve the living standards of their families and communities.


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