Mobile and autonomous water purification system

Drinking water anywhere, at anytime with the AQUALINK system

The AQUALINK range offers products adapted to the difficult conditions of the countries that are suffering from a severe shortage of drinking water. From a contaminated source (ponds, rivers …), you will be able to produce the amount of drinking water you need!p>



800 liters of water per day in a suitcase ! Mobile system for easy transport. Unfoldable in less than 5 minutes.



300 liters of drinking water per hour. Easy to install, instantaneous production. Perfect for healthcare facilities, or residential.

New home détouré


360 liters per hour of clean water. Easy to install and easy to maintain. Zero loss, the system is perfect for residential and little healthcare facilities.


Clinics, health centers, field and disaster areas hospitals, mobile medical centers …

Military operations in remote areas, rescue operations for the populations, mountain infantry…

Resorts, eco-lodges, isolated residences on unserviced land, building complexes in remote area, schools …

Water, a universal right !

Beyond basic vital needs, the access to safe drinking water  has major impacts on health conditions and economic development. Indeed, adapted solutions to the living conditions of developing countries are allowing the decrease of the economic gap in access to drinking water.

Reduce the risk of epidemics

Polluted water is the first vector of disease transmission in the world.


Improve living standards in rural areas

Remote villages are still deprived of drinking water despite the presence of wells. Today, women and children are still walking for miles as “water carriers” to get drinking water supplies …


Respond to emergency needs

Providing safe drinking water in emergency on natural disaster areas.